“Programmatic will become more and more important in all advertising formats”, Pauline Niederst, Account Manager

Programmatic will become more and more important in all advertising formats

Programmatic around the world keeps his development during 2022. In this time we have the pleasure to introduce you to Pauline Niederst Account Manager in Ebra Media Group, France. She is going to explain us  how the programmatic advertising will behave this new year, with a special look to french market. 

Name, position and responsibility within your company.

Pauline Niederst, Programmatic Account Manager in EBRA Group (9 regional daily newspapers).

How did you end up in Programmatic Advertising?

I started in webmarketing by setting up Google Ads campaigns, writing SEO articles and doing community management in agencies. Then I discovered programmatic at the publisher (Sud-Ouest in Bordeaux) around 2018. That’s when I started setting up my first campaigns on a DSP. In the end I was already doing programmatic by scheduling Google Display campaigns on Google Ads without realizing it.

What is your current project?

Today, I’m in charge of developping programmatic deals activity on the publisher side. I work for the EBRA Group from Strasbourg, in Eastern France. It’s a new activity for the group and my clients are media agencies and trading desk especially in France but also abroad.

What relevance does Programmatic Advertising have in the French market today?

Purchases are becoming more and more programmatic and we’re seeing a number of specialised players, especially in the Ile de France (Paris) region. Beyond display and video formats, we hear a lot about DOOH, audio and CTV.  

Briefly summarize what a day of your working day is like. What are your main functions?

After turning on my computer screen, I check the previous day’s numbers on deals and the health of the deals.

I contact partners if needed.

I monitor programmatic market and agencies.

I think of ideas to develop programmatic businness and I exchange with the technical and marketing teams…

What do you like most about Programmatic Advertising?

It’s an activity that is always evolving and since I’ve been in it I’ve been learning every day.

If you had to choose between the buy side and the sell side, which one would you choose to work with and why?

It’s complicated to choose because I’ve been on both sides… A mix of both would be nice!

Cookieless is driving the new paradigm in the advertising industry, how do you see the solutions that are being put forward right now?

I think contextual and semantic targeting will become more important in 2022. This is what we highlight as a publisher of press sites.

We also hear a lot about the value of 1st Party Data, which I think is essential. In any case, this will have an impact on the way campaigns are thought of and programmed.

What are the main challenges of Programmatic Advertising coming soon?

Beyond the disappearance of cookies mentioned above, programmatic will become more and more important in all advertising formats. I have already seen the first tests in video games. Why not one day for cinema advertising?

As the market in France is becoming more and more aware of programmatic, it’s also important to make this activity accessible and transparent for all actors.

What will your future be like in 5 years?

5 years ago I would never have predicted that I would end up with a job in programmatic. So, for the moment I would say that I see myself evolving in this same sector. I still have to learn on the buying side: about buyers, upcoming formats, offers to adapt…

What would you recommend to those students who are starting in this sector?

I would say that you have chosen an industry of the future and that you don’t have to be a geek to become a Media Trader. Moreover, many positions are developing around programmatic, whether it’s on the buying, strategic or sales side. In any case, if you have the opportunity to see the buying and selling part, I encourage you to do so. And even if the people around you will probably not understand much of what you are doing, be curious!

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